kim & Mike
More than a decade after they met for the first time in New York, Kim Barth and Michael Philip Mossman meet again in the framework of a common project named "Late Night Coffee".

Both composers and arrangers, they have concocted a blend of strong "brewed" compositions tailored on musicians they had invited to be part of their formation.

Viviane de Farias
Born in Rio de Janeiro and having grown up in Ipanema, the cradle of Bossa Nova, Viviane de Farias is indisputably "one of the top Brazilian singers abroad".

Her voice is widely praised by the international press for its warmth and caressing touch, while her singing skills are simply impressive.

Bossa Nova Legends CD Cover
They made the legend in Copacabana in the Sixties. Featured by Kim Barth and his fellow German guitarist Paulo Morello, Pery Ribeiro (†), the first singer who recorded "Garota de Ipanema" (The Girl from Ipanema), Latin Grammy winner Leny Andrade, Alaide Costa who was discovered by Tom Jobim in 1959 and Johnny Alf (†), the "true father of Bossa Nova music" are back on stage...

Kim Barth, British trumpeter and composer Peter Lawrence, Chilean percussionist Claudio Estay and singer Lennart Seidewitz, Californian trombone virtuoso Christy Belicki, German bassist Stefan Engels and Spanish concert pianist and composer Oriol Cruxient.

Blending Jazz and Latin Music with a full Score Symphony Orchestra, this ensemble performs its own contemporary compositions.

Rio 1910
Choro, Brazil's virtuoso instrumental music, as it is usually performed in Brazil: seated around a table among the audience...

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