An Initiative of Kim Barth
In Cooperation With German Allergy and Asthma Organisation DAAB

Asthma is estimated to affect 235 million people worldwide (WHO, May 2011). The most common chronic disease among children, this respiratory disease affects one in ten children in Germany.

“Asthma is characterized by recurrent inflammation of the bronchial lining (mucosa). This causes swelling of the bronchial mucosa as well as increased mucus production, which leads to contriction of the airways. During a severe asthma attack, the bronchial muscles [the muscles around the airways] contract which in turn impairs breathing (Bronchospasmus). Irritative coughing, wheezing, constriction in the chest, thick mucus and shortness of breath are typical for asthmatics (...) To get an idea of what shortness of breath feels like, pinch your nose and breathe through a straw for one minute.” (DAAB)

Breathing sea air helps to prevent asthma attacks as it reduces inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract. However not every family can afford healthy seaside holidays for their asthmatic children, additionally to the fact that asthma is not only a burden for families but a genuine societal problem: asthma treatment costs proportionally increase with the number of asthmatics...

The DAAB's project named Luft zum Atmen includes financing seaside holidays for asthmatic children. Our initiative is to support this project through enabling asthmatic children from modest socio-economic background to spend holidays by the sea.

Information about the series of actions the Breathing project encompases will be available on this page soon. However, for any inquiries relating to this project, feel free to contact us.